Rules of visiting the concert hall

Dear guests!

The administration of the Volga choir kindly asks you to pay attention to the basic rules of visiting the concert hall, which are designed to create the most comfortable and safe conditions for your presence and rest and are obligatory for all guests.

Basic rules of visiting:

Purchase of an entrance ticket guarantees the guest consents to follow the present rules of visiting of concert hall.

The entrance of spectators to the foyer of the hall is available one hour prior to the event, entrance to the auditorium is 20 minutes before the beginning.

Entrance to the foyer of the hall is carried out strictly upon presentation to the controller the ticket which displays the relevant date and time of the concert.

The entrance to the auditorium after the 3rd call is only allowed at the invitation of the hall administrator after the opening speech of the emcee or in the interval between the compositions.

There is no refund, booking for another concert (event) or any other compensation in case of your late arrival.

The visitor should sit only on the seat indicated in the ticket and show a ticket upon the request of the concert hall staff. It is desirable to save the ticket until the end of the concert (events).

When attending a concert (event) on a discounted ticket, it is necessary to present to the controller a document providing this discount.

Children under 6 are not allowed for evening concerts (events).

Children over 6 are allowed for evening concerts (events) against presentation of a separate ticket only!

For children up to 3 years old (inclusive) accompanied by an adult the entrance to the afternoon children's concerts is free, without a separate seat, and it is necessary to present a birth certificate to the controller.

Adults accompanying children for afternoon concerts are required to have a ticket.

Photo/video/audio recording of concerts (events) is prohibited. In case of recording without prior permission of the administration, the concert hall staff have the right to confiscate the data storage media.

The administration and the concert hall staff have the right to prohibit bringing to the territory of the concert hall the professional photo/video/audio equipment without prior permission to carry out photo/video/audio recordings.

It is forbidden to carry in large items, bags and packages, food and drinks, as well as alcoholic beverages into the hall.

Hats, large bags and large items are to be left in the wardrobe. The administration is not responsible for the valuables left in the wardrobe or forgotten in the concert hall, as well as for lost personal belongings of the visitors during the concert (event).

In case of wardrobe check loss, the guest reimburses its price.

The guest, who lost the wardrobe check, gets his belongings after the issuance of all the things to other visitors in the presence of the employee responsible for the wardrobe work.

Smoking is strictly prohibited in the building.

Administration and the concert hall staff have the right to forbid the entrance to the concert hall to the guest under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other intoxicants, as well as in dirty and/or soiling clothes.

The administration kindly asks the guests to treat the properties of the concert hall and other guests carefully.

During the performance it is forbidden to stand up from the seat, talk, walk around the hall. The administration and the concert hall staff have the right to ask the visitor violating the public order to leave the hall.

Guests are not allowed to the stage as well as to dressing rooms of artists and other office and technical premises without permission of the administration.

Guests should behave respectfully towards other guests and participants of the concert event, to and the concert hall staff.

Guests have every right to give flowers to concert performers.

By purchasing the entrance ticket and visiting the concert hall, the guest agrees to take part in the possible photo/video recording, tele/radio broadcast of the concert event, and allows the administration using the photos/videos/audio recordings with the participation of the guest in advertising.

Strong request! During the concert (event), turn off the mobile or switch it to silent mode.

In case of violation of the present rules of visiting the concert hall the administration and employees of the Volga сhoir have the right to exclude the guest from the the concert hall. In this case the entrance ticket is not refundable.